Chiropractic Techniques

At Kehr Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our office.

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This is a widely used type of chiropractic manipulation/ adjustment that includes most of the procedures taught at chiropractic schools. This technique is the most commonly used of all chiropractic techniques and is the one probably most familiar to patients. The Diversified manipulation/adjustment entails a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust that usually results in a cavitation of a joint (quick, shallow thrusts that cause the popping noise often associated with a chiropractic manipulation/adjustment). As the name implies, the Diversified Technique can be used to treat many of the joints in the body. American Chiropractic Association definition

Gonstead Technique

This is a specific chiropractic technique and is a variation of the Diversified technique that utilizes manipulation/adjustment by hand that usually results in joint cavitations. X-ray analysis, palpation, and temperature gradient studies may be used in clinical decision-making (i.e., what segment(s) to manipulate/adjust).

Thompson Drop-Table

The Thompson Technique utilizes a "Segmental Drop Table" to enhance the motion force imparted toward the segment or area to be adjusted. Dr. Thompson introduced the concept of adding motion by inventing a head-piece that would drop away as the adjustive thrust was applied to the vertebral segment. He was granted a patent in 1955 on his concept and thus was born the Palmer-Thompson drop headpiece. Since the new idea was such a success Dr. Clay then went on to invent a table with drop pieces for adjusting the dorsal, lumbar and pelvic area. This came about in 1957 and from there the rest is history. Today there are numerous manufacturers of drop-piece tables used around the world.   

adjusting area


This is a hand-held, spring-loaded instrument-based manipulation/adjustment protocol. Instead of the manipulating/adjusting forces being delivered by hand, force is generated with the small appliance that delivers a lighter, but quicker, thrust than can be delivered by hand.

Extremity Manipulating/Adjusting

This is the application of chiropractic manipulation/adjustment to joints other than those of the spine, i.e., shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand/finger, hip, knee, ankle/foot/toe. Examples of conditions treated by extremity manipulation/ adjustment: carpal tunnel syndrome, gait, or posture-related problems.


Ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave. Ultrasound is made when an electrical current is carried into the sound head of the machine and causes the crystal inside to vibrate rapidly. This "sound" vibration then goes from the sounds head into the patient's body and causes the tissues to vibrate. The vibration creates heat in the body where the sound head is applied. The effects of ultrasound are: heat, micro-massage, which can heal to break up swelling and/or scar tissue.

Low level laser

Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Laser) — This treatment refers to a wide variety of procedures involving several laser types and treatment methods using devices that typically emit laser beam wavelengths between 600 and 1000 nanometers. LLLT is a proposed treatment for various medical conditions and is believed to promote healing of injured tissues.

Electric muscle stimulation

Electrical Stimulation - Electrical impulses applied through the skin using pads that conduct the impulses to the muscles and nerves for the purpose of increasing circulation, decreasing pain and muscle spasm, and facilitating healing of injured soft tissues.

Myofascial trigger point therapy

Locating and reducing a focal spot of tenderness within a muscle that may cause local or referred pain.


The therapeutic use of mechanical tension created by a pulling force to produce a combination of distraction and gliding to relieve pain and increase tissue flexibility. This is also used to reduce disc herniation's and inflammation.